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Aksakal Rose

AKSAKAL Gülyağı Co was founded in 2000, by Mehmet Ali AKSAKAL in Senir Kasabası/Keçiborlu/ISPARTA.

Our company is able to obtain all kind of essential oil, especially in the production of rose oil, rose concrete and rose absolute. At the same time, we can also make special production in accordance with the demands of our customers. Most of rosa damascena rose flower used in the manufactured products is grown in our 30-hectares rose garden by our company.

Aksakal Gülyağı has a strategy that is constantly developing and growing in its field. Our company adopts the principle of productivity, high quality and sustainability which is the guarantee of the future. Since our establishment, our company has been working with young and dynamic colleagues who are experts in this field. While employing people living in the region, it also contributes to the country’s economy.

Our Institutional Principles

Mission & Vision

We left behind a long year on the road with our dream of becoming a growing and developing company. With each passing year, our commitment to our goals, our correct and high quality service policy and our commercial principles, we are taking ourselves forward. We have always adhered to being the "reference company" that we have adopted as a mission.

We would like to remind you that we are in a position to stay within the framework of the principles and the related business ethics, to put the best work into the most reasonable standards and to make it permanent.

Providing quality and healthy products at all times, being a leading company in many fronts and reaching the only preferred point of the enterprises constitute our main targets.

Social Responsibility

We have been in the wheel of an economy that is more respectful to nature in every work done, more beneficial to people, and evolving with a view toward ourselves. We have always looked at our activities as permanent and sustainable jobs, and provided our developments in these directions.

We continue with our feedback by our customers and by continuing to close our excuses and adopting the common sense of trade.

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